Gary Rocchio


Urban Photographer

Urban Photography is an all-encompassing genre of pho­tography that includes diverse aspects of an urban en­vironment. Portrait, fine-art, architecture photography, photojournalism and documentary are examples of urban photography and describe the photos I take.
Burma Photo Documentary: My current project is a photo documentary about the San Francisco Bay Area Burmese community. In February, 2021, there was a military coup in Burma and Burmese worldwide began demonstrating to show their anger. I began photographing at the first demonstration held in the San Francisco and have photo documented the weekly demonstrations and subsequent fundraisers ever since. My photos appear in The Myanmar Gazette, a Los Angeles-based Burmese newspaper that is distributed nationally.
Urban Architecture: Architecture is an area of concentration that I have been interested in throughout my career. The patterns, symmetry and creativity captivate me on many different levels. I strive to share my observations by taking photographs that offer perspectives not typically noticed. I’ve travelled and photographed buildings in Boston, Denver, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Rhode Island, Vermont and my favorite place, Burma
Background: Over the last several years I have worked on 19 independent films as a still photog­rapher. My work has appeared in movies, books, on posters and in promotional materials. Prior to 2007, which is when I began focusing exclusively on photography, I spent 30+ years in publishing at magazines (PC World and Macworld), and newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle and Los Angeles Times).